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Vlahovic: Dead Witnesses’ Statements

1. June 2012.00:00
As it continues presenting material evidence at the trial of Veselin ‘Batko’ Vlahovic, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina reads statements before the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo, given by eight witnesses, who have since died.

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Most of the statements referred to the arrival of paramilitary formations in Grbavica in 1992 and intrusions into non-Serb residents’ apartments, while two witnesses described their meetings with indictee Vlahovic.

Muhbira Imamovic, who gave her statement 11 years ago, said that Vlahovic, who had “a brass knuckle on his hand”, entered the apartment, where she lived with her son, and asked for money, while threatening them with a knife.

“He took my wedding ring off, hit me with his fist and took the rest of the golden jewelry and money in the amount of 300 to 400 German Marks,” said Muhiba Imamovic, who died three years ago.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Vlahovic with murders, rape, abuse, robbery, disappearances and other inhumane acts committed against Bosniak and Croat civilians in Grbavica, Vraca and Kovacici in 1992.

Jure Pehar, who died last year, spoke about his meeting with the indictee and the taking away of his son, whom the indictee beat up.

“Batko and another man came to our building. Batko hit me, so I fell down on a sofa. He then continued kicking me with his legs. I started bleeding,” Pehar said in his statement given 11 years ago.

He said that his son was ordered to “report every day”, adding that he once came back beaten up and said that the indictee had done that to him.

The trial is due to continue on June 13, when statements given by the remaining State Prosecution witnesses, who have since died, will be read.

This post is also available in: Bosnian