Kujundzic: Defence Evidence Presentation Completed

11. May 2009.14:37
Predrag Kujundzic fails to appear as a Defence witness to give the Court his version of events in Doboj in 1992. After Predrag Kujundzic, who is charged before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina with crimes against humanity committed in Doboj, had declined to testify as a Defence witness, his Defence presented its material evidence and thus completed the evidence presentation.

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Kujundzic is charged, as former Commander of the “Predini vukovi” (“Predo’s Wolves”) Unit, with attacks against the non-Serb population from villages in Doboj Municipality during 1992 and 1993, as well as murder, persecution and other inhumane acts. He is further charged with the detention and mistreatment of civilians in “Percin disko” detention camp and the rape and enslavement of protected witness 2.

At this hearing the Defence presented 20 pieces of material evidence. The total number of documents thus reached 97. The material evidence included a letter of thanks to Kujundzic from the Islamic Community of Doboj sent in 2003. The Defence presented this letter “in order to prove the indictee’s credibility”.

After the Defence had completed presenting evidence, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina proposed that the Court examine another witness, announcing that it may introduce 16 new pieces of material evidence.

“The witness is supposed to refute the Defence witnesses’ statements concerning the events that took place in Grapska village on May 10, 1992 and the murder of Denis Delic, who was a minor at the time. He will discredit some witnesses. By the material evidence we want to question the credibility of the Defence witnesses and refute their statements,” Prosecutor Bozidarka Dodik said.

Kujundzic is charged, among other things, with having killed Delic, “by shooting with firearms”, on May 10, 1992. Delic’s remains were exhumed in 2000.

The Defence did not object to the Prosecution’s proposal for presentation of new evidence.

The next hearing is due to take place on May 19, when the Prosecution will present this material evidence.

This post is also available in: Bosnian