Transparency of Judiciary

30. December 2013.
With several thousand signatures, as well as with other ways of supporting the campaign “Stop Censorship on War Crimes”, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) succeeded in encouraging the authorities to admit that anonymisation cannot be applied to serious crimes, including war crimes.

2. October 2013.
Vasvija Vidovic, a long-time lawyer with legal experience before domestic and international institutions, writes about the necessity for publicity of criminal proceedings and denies criticism that witnesses can be influenced in their testimonies by media reports.

19. July 2013.
Although the European Court of Human Rights had the ability to do so, it did not ordered to Bosnia and Herzegovina to repeat its proceedings in the case of Damjanovic and Maktouf, but it deemed sufficient to conclude that their rights were violated and to award them the litigation costs. Thus, Bosnia and Herzegovina has no obligation to repeat these two proceedings in order to implement the verdict of the European Court.