Person: Sabic Mirsad

25. August 2016.
Former prisoners testified about unhygienic conditions and malnourishment at a military prison in Ljubuski where they were detained in 1993 and 1994. Prosecution witnesses Dzemil Sijercic told the state court in Sarajevo on Thursday that in October 1993 he was taken to the military investigation prison in Ljubuski, where conditions were poor and food rations were meagre.

18. February 2016.
Testifying at the trial of eight defendants charged with wartime crimes in the municipality of Hadzici, a defense witness said families of the missing in Hadzici were against the exchange of prisoners held in the Silos detention facility in 1992 and early 1993. He said they were against the exchange of prisoners because they had no information on their missing family members.