Person: Milosevic Dragomir


28. November 2018.
The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals said it is investigating claims about the alleged inhumane treatment of Serb war crimes convicts who are serving their sentences in Estonia. The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, MICT told BIRN that it has asked for answers from the Estonian authorities after receiving complaints about the alleged mistreatment of […]

20. July 2012.
On July 13 this year the Municipal Court in Sarajevo pronounced a first verdict in favour of 13 families of civilians who were killed during the siege of Sarajevo, in a case against Republika Srpska, RS, which primarily represents a moral and legal satisfaction for the victims' families.


12. November 2009.
The Appellate Chamber of the Hague Tribunal has reduced its earlier sentence against Dragomir Milosevic for crimes committed against civilians in Sarajevo, acquitting him of responsibility for the massacre committed at Markale marketplace in August 1995. Milosevic, the former Commander of Sarajevo-Romanija Corps with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, has been sentenced, by a second instance verdict, to 29 years in prison for terrorizing and killing civilians during the course of the siege of Sarajevo in 1994 and 1995.