Person: Maksimovic Goran


13. March 2017.
At the trial of eight Serb ex-soldiers and police officers for an attack on Bosniak civilians in Lokanj near Zvornik in 1992, a prosecution witness said a police colleague told him local residents killed the victims.   Prosecution witness Raco Jovanovic, a former policeman with the Interventions Unit of the Public Security Station in Ugljevik, […]


23. January 2017.
A prosecution witness at the trial of Jovan Tintor for crimes against humanity in Vogosca said the defendant threatened to kill all the Bosniaks in the area in May 1992. Prosecution witness Bilal Hasanovic, the former president of the Vogosca Municipal Assembly, told the state court in Sarajevo on Monday that in May 1992, Tintor, who was the head of the Serb Crisis Committee in the area at the time, threatened to “kill all your people in Vogosca”.