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Episode 159: Slovak convicts exchange prison in the EU for villas with swimming pools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

7. March 2024.12:29
We can reveal how a former chief of the Slovak counterintelligence service has found refuge in Bosnia and Herzegovina after serving two-thirds of his prison term. He is the third Slovak security official to have found our country a safe haven from the judicial authorities in their own EU state.

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The sixth anniversary of the murder of Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak was marked in February. After the murder, a number of officials were convicted fofor corruption and association with criminal groups in Slovakia. Working with journalists from Slovakia, Detektor has discovered how two former security officials, Marian Kučerka and Jan Kalavsky, have taken refuge from the country’s judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have also confirmed that Peter Gašparovič, former head of the counterintelligence service of Slovakia, has settled in Mostar. We travelled to Slovakia to find out why Slovak officials flee to Bosnia and Herzegovina and why our authorities are hesitant to extradite them to the EU state.

Enes Hodžić

This post is also available in: Bosnian