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Episode 147: Can hate crimes against women be punished more harshly in Bosnia

27. February 2023.17:30
This month, we’ll be talking about the hate-inspired murders of women and the reasons why the judiciary is failing to punish the killers more harshly.

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Murders of women committed by their partners are increasingly being understood as hate crimes. But in Bosnia and Herzegovina they are rarely punished as such. Last year, protests were held in Sarajevo because of the lenient penalties given to men who have killed their women partners. The protesters demanded that a new criminal offence of femicide be introduced in order to increase sentences. But some experts think that it would make it even more difficult to prove the crime. In this programme, we’ll be finding out how to increase sentences and prevent hate-inspired murders of women.

Azra Husarić Omerović

This post is also available in: Bosnian