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Episode 145: Did China became Milorad Dodik’s most important ally in 2022?

6. January 2023.10:47
This month we’ll be analysing whether Republika Srpska entity president Milorad Dodik is replacing Russia with China as his key international partner and what effect this is having on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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In October and November 2022, Milorad Dodik announced closer cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party. Banks and companies from China have already been involved in projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina worth more than five billion Bosnian marks. Construction work on some of the most lucrative projects began in Republika Srpska this year. In this programme, we’ll analyse how Dodik built his ties with the Chinese authorities; whether the Russian invasion of Ukraine accelerated the strengthening of these ties, why the contracts are confidential and what is the impact of China’s increasing influence on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nino Bilajac

This post is also available in: Bosnian