Defendant in Zecovi Trial Did Not Approve Crimes, Witness Says

11. March 2016.00:00
A protected state prosecution witness testified at the trial of fourteen former Bosnian Serb fighters charged with attacking the village of Zecovi in 1992. The witness said he didn’t hear defendant Radomir Stojnic giving any orders, using the word “clean,” or approving any crime.

The witness, known as Z14, started testifying at the last hearing. While being cross-examined by the defense teams he said he had memory problems that were getting increasingly more serious.

Radomir Stojnic’s defense attorney asked Z14 if he attended any crisis committee meetings in Rasavci. Z14 said he didn’t. He said he assumed Stojnic did because all commanders were expected to do so.

He said Stojnic never verbally or physically abused him.

Dusan Milunic’s defense attorney asked Z14 how he could claim that Milunic was a member of the crisis committee. Z14 said he “had to be,” and added that the committee had additional members.

The defense asked Z14 if he attended the meeting the night before the attack on Zecovi. He said he couldn’t remember, but believed that he hadn’t. He said he didn’t know who attended the meeting.

According to Z14, defendant Dusan Milunic told him to go into houses after the attack on Zecovi and check for guns. He said others present when he was issued the order, but could not recall who they were.

Radovan Cetic’s defense attorney said Z14 had no way of knowing who was a member of the Rasavci crisis committee. Z14 confirmed this. He also confirmed that he never received an order from Radovan Cetic and that Cetic couldn’t issue orders to members of the military or police officials.

Z14 said he didn’t see Bosko Grujicic on July 23, 1992. He also said he never heard that Zdravko Antonic mentioned in connection to any crime.

Z14 said Rajko Gnjatovic wasn’t a member of the Rasavci unit.

Defendants Dusan Milunic, Radomir Stojnic, Radovan Cetic, Dusko Zoric, Zoran Stojnic, Zeljko Grbic, Ilija Zoric, Zoran Milunic, Bosko Grujicic, Ljubisa Cetic, Rade Grujcic, Uros Grujcic, Zdravko Antonic and Rajko Gnjatovic have been charged with committing acts of murders, torture, and sexual violence against the local residents of the village of Zecovi. They have also been charged with the destruction and confiscation of their property.

According to the charges, Milunic was the commander of the Rasavacka Company with the 6th Battalion of the 43rd Brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army, Radomir Stojnic was the commander of the reserve police station in Rasavci, while Radovan Cetic was the president of the Serbian Democratic Party and crisis committee for the village of Rasavci. The other defendants were members of the Rasavacka Company, police and other formations.

The trial continues on March 18.

Lamija Grebo