Verdict in Dzevad Salcin Trial Next Week

15. January 2016.00:00
On Thursday, January 21, the Bosnian state court will hand down a verdict against Dzevad Salcin, a former member of the Zulfikar Squad of the Bosnian Army. Salcin has been charged with cutting off part of a prisoner’s ear and beating a group of prisoners on Mount Igman in 1993.

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On Wednesday, January 20, appeals will be presented in the case of Vitomir Rackovic. Rackovic was sentenced to 12 years in prison for committing crimes against Bosniak civilians in Visegrad villages in 1992.

On Thursday, January 21, appeals will also be presented at the trial of Srecko Boskovic. Under a first instance verdict, Boskovic was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing a boy in the Zvornik area.

Appeals against the acquittal in the Jasmin Coloman trial will also be presented before the appeals chamber on the same day. Coloman was acquitted of committing crimes against Croats in Vitez in 1993.

On Wednesday, January 20, the trial of Marijan Brnjic, charged with crimes against the civilian population in Odzak, will begin at the state court.

On Tuesday, January 19, a pretrial status conference will be held in the case of Mato Baotic. Baotic has been charged with crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in Orasje in 1992 and 1993.

The defense of Iulian-Nicolae Vintila will continue presenting its closing statement on the same day. Vintila and Ramiz Avdovic have been charged with crimes in Sarajevo.

On Wednesday, January 20, Zdenko Andabak will testify in his own defense. Andabak has been charged with crimes in Livno.

Trials dealing with the Srebrenica genocide, as well as crimes committed in Zvornik, Bihac, Bileca, Sanski Most, Trnovo, Sarajevo, Prijedor, Rogatica, Foca, Livno, Mostar, Kalinovik, Hadzici, Ljubuski, Teslic, Strpci and Prozor are also scheduled to continue next week.

Albina Sorguč

This post is also available in: Bosnian