Indictment Against Jozo Lovrenovic Confirmed

14. January 2016.00:00
The cantonal court of Novi Travnik has confirmed an indictment against Jozo Lovrenovic, also known as Cole, charging him with crimes against prisoners of war in the municipalities of Jajce and Mrkonjic Grad.

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Lovrenovic, a former member of the military police of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO), has been charged with killing two prisoners. Lovrenovic and other members of the HVO’s military police allegedly captured a group of active and reserve police officers from a public safety station in the hamlet of Sebezi, near Mrkonjic Grad.

Lovrenovic allegedly abused the captives with Simun Saraf and Ilija Perak, who are on the run.

According to the indictment, Lovrenovic and other military police officers apprehended groups of captives and took them to the Jajce public safety station from June to August 1992. Lovrenovic allegedly punched and kicked them, while also assaulting them with batons and cables. He also has been charged with hanging detainees from coat hangers as he extracted their teeth and extinguished cigarettes all over their bodies.

The trial is scheduled to begin in the upcoming period.

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Kenan Kavazović

This post is also available in: Bosnian