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Brocilo Sentenced to Five and a Half Years in Prison

10. December 2015.00:00
The district court of Doboj sentenced Marko Brocilo to five and a half years in prison for war crimes against the civilian population of Odzak.

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Brocilo was found guilty of killing an elderly Croat civilian named Kata Matic during the second half of 1992.
Trial chamber chair Izudin Berberovic said the chamber accepted evidence which indicated that the defendant committed a war crime against the civilian population by killing Kata Matic, the only Croat to remain in the village of Josava after the Bosnian Serb Army had established control over the area. Josava was a part of the municipality of Odzak at the time.
“The defendant took Miroslav Pantic’s rifle, entered the injured party’s house and fired several bullets. Some witnesses were biased. After having assessed the witnesses’ testimonies, the court decided to trust the testimony given by Miroslav Pantic and Ljiljana Brocilovic, which was logical, while the other witnesses were uncertain,” Berberovic said.
The parties have the right to file an appeal against the verdict with the Supreme Court of Republika Srpska.

Arnes Grbešić

This post is also available in: Bosnian