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Brocilo Trial Completed Within Two Weeks, Verdict Scheduled for December 10

8. December 2015.00:00
The district prosecution of Doboj called upon the court to find Marko Brocilo guilty of war crimes in the Odzak area, while the defense called for a verdict of release.

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Following the presentation of closing statements, the district court of Doboj scheduled the announcement of the verdict for December 10.

District prosecutor Mersiha Mahmutovic said the prosecution had proven that Brocilo killed an elderly Croat woman named Kata Matic between August and September 1992. Matic was murdered in the village of Josava, which used to be part of the municipality of Odzak. Josava is now located in the municipality of Vukosavlje.

“The differences between the witness testimony indicates that the defendant committed the crime. Certain differences between their testimony are the result of the passage of time. Marko Brocilo left the house where the elderly Kata Matic was killed, carrying a rifle. The defense was unable to bring into question the testimony given by prosecution witnesses,” Mahmutovic said.

The defense said witnesses who testified for the prosecution were unable to confirm allegations contained in the indictment.

“There’s no doubt that Kata Matic, an elderly woman, was a civilian. That’s the only indisputable part of this case. The witnesses didn’t see who shot her,” defense attorney Jadranko Hadzisejdic said.

He said the defendant carried a rifle, as did Miroslav Pantic.

“Pantic, the key witness for the prosecution, was unconvincing. He said different things about the confiscation of the rifle. He only knows things related to the defendant. Somebody else will have to take care of his selective memory,” Hadzisejdic said.

The trial began on November 24.

Arnes Grbešić

This post is also available in: Bosnian