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Witnesses Claim No Knowledge of Kukavice Convoy Attack

27. October 2015.00:00
State prosecution witnesses testifying at the trial of Muhamed Sisic, Tarik Sisic, Emir Drakovac and Aziz Susa said they had no knowledge of an attack on a convoy of Serb civilians in Kukavice in the summer of 1992.

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Muhamed Sisic, Emir Drakovac, Aziz Susa and Tarik Sisic are on trial for having participated in an attack on a civilian convoy in the village of Kukavice on August 27, 1992, when at least 20 Serbs were killed and several more were wounded.

Drakovac has also been charged with the murder, torture and mutilation of a civilian and prisoner of war with an axe in the Foca area in late 1992.

State prosecution witness Ferid Jahic said he belonged to a unit located in the village of Brcigovo near Rogatice, like the defendants. He said he heard shooting in Kukavice on the day of the attack and nothing else. Prosecutor Mirza Hukeljic then presented Jahic with a statement he gave during the investigation.

In the statement, Jahic said he heard that soldiers went to Kukavice to get food and saw a column led by a military transporter. According to the statement, Jahic said there were trucks and Bosniaks thought Serbs were attacking, so they attacked back. He said they learned later on that the convoy was made up of civilians. Jahic said he heard that members of his unit participated in the attack.
“If I said that, that’s the truth,” Jahic said. He then said he felt sick and his testimony was interrupted.
State prosecution witness Nedzad Kokot, who also belonged to the same unit, said he knew nothing about the attack on the column. Prosecutor Hukeljic read a statement Kokot had given, in which he said he heard stories about the attack.
“I don’t know, I wasn’t there at the time,” Kokot said.
State prosecution witness Sulejman Nesiren said that he heard stories about the attack but knew nothing about it.
The trial resumes on November 3.

Amer Jahić

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)