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Prohibiting Measures against Hedin Dzambegovic Requested

11. December 2014.00:00
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, requests prohibiting measures against Hedin Dzambegovic, who is suspected of war crimes in the Gorazde area. The Defence has no objections to this motion.

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Prosecutor Marijana Cobovic requested the Court of BiH to ban Dzambegovic from leaving Gorazde, travelling and meeting the witnesses, and also order him to report to police twice a week.  

“There is a danger that the suspect might flee, considering that he is aware of the fact that he might be sentenced to a long-term imprisonment. His place of residence is in Gorazde, in the vicinity of the state border with Serbia. He does not have travel documents, but we have requested a ban on issuing new ones in his name. Also, we have proposed that he be banned from using his personal identification card for crossing the state border,” said Cobovic.     

The Prosecution of BiH suspects Dzambegovic, former member of the Army of BiH, ABiH, of having committed crimes against the civilian population in Crkvine village, Gorazde municipality, from May to August 1992.

The Prosecution of BiH alleges that Dzambegovic used to come to the village from which able-bodied men had been taken away. He physically and mentally mistreated and intimidated Serb civilians, who stayed in the village. Some of the civilians were more than 70 years old.
Defence attorney Mirsada Beganovic-Zutic said that the Defence did not dispute any of the proposed measures.  

“He has not travelled so far anyway. He is unemployed. He earns a living by photographing funerals. As far as the proposed ban on issuing of new travel documents is concerned, he has no need to go anywhere. I propose that he does not speak to Prosecution witnesses,” said Beganovic-Zutic.

She said that one witness phoned the suspect, but he refused to speak to him. 

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This post is also available in: Bosnian