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Indictment Against Causevic Confirmed, Against Handanovic Revoked

15. October 2014.00:00
The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the indictment against Elmedin Causevic, former member of the Special Purposes Detachment Zulfikar with the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for crimes committed in the territory of the municipality of Konjic.

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Causevic is charged with, together with other members of the Zulfikar unit, deliberately inflicting bodily and psychological harm to a person in the village of Grabovci, in the municipality of Konjic.

The defendant, Causevic, has been released on parole.

The state prosecution filed an indictment against Causevic and Rasema Handanovic in mid-July this year, charging them with abusing a Croat couple in May 1993 in the village of Grabovci.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced that the state prosecution revoked the indictment against Handanovic.

“Defendant Causevic beat up a civilian with the initials K.Z. with a wooden stake, after which he was joined in his abuse by Handanovic, who threatened his wife that she would be raped. The victim K.Z. was beaten and dragged through the village, often falling down as a consequence of the abuse and beating,” said the state prosecution at the time.

In another case, Handanovic was in 2012 sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison, after she admitted to being guilty of participating in the execution of six Croats in Trusina on April 16, 1993.

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Denis Džidić

This post is also available in: Bosnian