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Custody Extension for Jozo Djojic Requested

2. October 2014.00:00
The State Prosecution requests an extension of custody for Jozo Djojic, who is suspected of crimes against civilians in Odzak in 1992.

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Prosecutor Miroslav Janjic said that the one-month extension was requested due to the existence of a danger that the suspect might influence accomplices and witnesses.
“The State Prosecution is conducting activities aimed at locating a person, who lives in Austria. If released to liberty, the suspect would have a motive to influence the giving of a statement by that person,” Janjic said.
Janjic pointed out that prohibiting measures against Djojic would not be sufficient and that he might flee to Croatia, where his daughter lived, in case he would be released to liberty.
Defence attorney Kenan Ademovic said that the investigation into this crime began in 2007, adding that the Prosecution had had enough time to examine witnesses and accomplices. He also said that the suspect could have already fled had he wanted to.
“He possesses real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lives at the same address the whole time. He was arrested at his doorstep. He has never been hiding,” Ademovic said.
Djojic was arrested on September 4 this year as per a warrant issued by the Prosecution of BiH.
He is suspected of having raped and sexually abused a female person from the Odzak area.

Mirna Buljugić

This post is also available in: Bosnian