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Witness recalls beatings in Musala

7. February 2014.00:00
The prosecution witness said at the trial for crimes committed in Konjic area that "Macic Maca" did beat him in the camp "Musala".

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Dragutin Przulj, that used to live in Konjic, was as he said captured in Donje Selo, from where he was taken to “Silos” (municipality of Hadzici) on April 19 in 1993, and then taken to “Musala” in Konjic.

“Maca Macic came with Edo Zilic. He was wearing black uniform and nightstick. He had short hair and big jaw. I did not remember him for doing good”, said Pazulj.

He said that he was taken from Musala to Igman for a month as “human shield”, and that he was beaten the night he came back. He cursed my mother and started hitting me everywhere, in the head, until I passed away”, Pazulj recalls.

He said that he did not see other abuse, because they were behind the close doors, adding that he can not forget Maca.

“Have you no shame”, asked the witness the accused Ibro Macic.

According to the indictment, Macic, along with some other Bosnian Army servicemen, ordered sexual assaults on four prisoners in the Musala sports hall. He is also charged with the inhuman treatment of prisoners at the detention center from April to October 1993.

The other witness Mario Andjic said that he was also imprisoned in the camp Musala. He said that Edo Zilic slapped him, and that Macic Maca did not beat him. He did recognize Micic in the courtroom.

Andjelic said that he was helping the prisoners as a paramedic as much as he could.

“I remember boys from Dusina. I used to dress their wounds. They had burns in genital area, abdomen and legs. They said that they were setting fire and burning some battens. I don’t remember. They did not say who did that”, said the witness.

Micic’s trial resumes on February 21.

Džana Brkanić

This post is also available in: Bosnian