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Lukic On the Run, Adamovic Arrested

23. December 2013.00:00
An international warrant has been issued for the arrest of Bosko Lukic, sentenced to 14 years for the crimes committed in Kljuc, while Marko Adamovic was arrested and put into custody.

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The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced Marko Adamovic and Bosko Lukic to 22 and 14 years in prison respectively for their roles in the expulsions and killings of Bosniaks in Kljuc in 1992.

The defendants failed to appear for the passing of the sentence, and the appeals chamber issued an order for their detention.

The Appeals Chamber found that Lukic, as commander of the Municipal Battalion of the Territorial Defence, and Adamovic as commander of the town’s defence, participated in the joint criminal enterprise aimed at expelling non-Serb population.

More than 150 Bosniak civilians were killed during the expulsion in Kljuc, and there were also illegal arrests, beatings and other inhumane acts, the court ruled.

With the first instance verdict from March 2011, the court acquitted Lukic and Adamovic of all charges and they were released to defend themselves from freedom. The Appeals Chamber quashed this decision and ordered a retrial, during which they also defended themselves on bail.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian