Two More Protected Witnesses

26. November 2013.00:00
The Hague trial of Ratko Mladic continued with a testimony of a protected prosecution witness at a closed session.

Since Mladic’s trial started in July 2012, this is the 162 witness for the Prosecution. He testified under the code name RM-038.

The Hague prosecution plans to call two more witnesses during their evidence hearing – history expert Patrick Treynor and military expert Reynaud Theunens. Investigator Barry Hogan will also be recalled, to complete his testimony.

The indictment charges Mladic with genocide against about 7,000 Bosniak men from Srebrenica in the days that followed the occupation of the UN-protected enclave by Bosnian Serb forces on July 11, 1995.

He is also on trial for the persecution of Bosniaks and Croats throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, terrorising civilians in Sarajevo and taking UN peacekeepers hostage.

Mladic’s trial continues on Thursday.

Radoša Milutinović