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Gasal et al: Retrial Begins

31. January 2013.00:00
The retrial of Nisvet Gasal, Musajb Kukavica and Senad Dautovic for crimes against Bosnian Croats in Bugojno in 1993 started with introductory statements.

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In her brief address before the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Prosecutor Slavica Terzic says that the three indictees’ guilt will be proved.

Dautovic’s Defence attorney Refik Serdarevic said that he objected to the proposed State Prosecution’s evidence, explaining that it could have been presented during the first instance trial.

Appellate Chamber Chairman Hilmo Vucinic said that the Chamber had still not decided upon new pieces of evidence by any of the parties, adding that the evidence presented during the first instance trial was accepted.

The Defence attorneys of Gasal and Kukavica did not present their introductory statements, saying that they stuck to their original ones.

During the first part of the retrial the Court will hear witnesses’ statements given at the first instance trial. The first statement was given by Dzevad Mlaco.

The Appellate Chamber revoked a verdict pronounced in November 2011, under which Dautovic was sentenced to 13, Gasal to six years in prison and Kukavica was acquitted of all charges.

Dautovic is charged with the responsibility for inhumane treatment, murder, torture and forced labour by Croat civilians and HVO members, who were detained in a detention camp at the stadium and at a number of other locations in Bugojno.

Gasal and Kukavica, former Manager of the “Iskra” stadium detention camp and Commander of Guards, are charged with inhumane treatment of about 300 detained members of the HVO.

This post is also available in: Bosnian