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Trial of Radovan Stankovic Postponed

7. November 2012.00:00
The beginning of the trial of Radovan Stankovic for fleeing from a prison in Foca, where he was serving his sentence for crimes committed in that town, has been postponed as the indictee fails to appear in court.

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State Court judge Biljana Cukovic said that, in case the indictee refused to appear in the courtroom again, the trial would be conducted in his absence with his Defence attorney being present.

“Stankovic does not want to come to the Court, because he considers that the indictment is false and that this Court is not competent for conducting the trial. I warned him about the consequences of his absence and explained to him that the trial could proceed in his absence,” said Defence attorney Milenko Vojo Radovic.

Judge Cukovic said that the indictee had previously informed the Court that he did not want to attend the trial.

“The indictee will be informed in writing that the trial can be conducted in his absence and that such a decision can be made. He will be informed about the consequences of his absence from the trial,” the judge explained.

The Court has set Tuesday, November 12 as a new date for the beginning of the trial.

Stankovic refused to appear at a plea hearing as well, so the Court recorded a not guilty plea on his behalf.

In March 2007 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced Stankovic for crimes against humanity committed against Bosniak civilians in Foca in the second half of 1992.

The former member of Miljevina Battalion of the Foca Tactical Brigade with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS was pronounced guilty of several crimes, including the rape of prisoners, some of whom were minors.

Following the pronouncement of the verdict, he was sent to Foca prison, but he fled on May 25, 2007, while being escorted from the prison to the Foca Medical Centre for a medical examination. According to the charges, after having left the special vehicle, he strongly pushed a guard away, got into another vehicle and fled.

After he had been on the run for nearly five years, police found out that Stankovic was in Foca again, so he was arrested on January 21 this year and returned to the same prison.

This post is also available in: Bosnian