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Local Justice – Zenica: Camp Prisoner Reimbursed

21. September 2012.00:00
The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has paid reimbursement to non-material damages inflicted upon Samir Pojskic from Zenica for days spent in the camp ran by the Croatian Defence Council at Kaonik.

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The verdict accepting the reimbursement request from a former camp prisoner was made by the Municipal Court in Novi Travnik, and later confirmed by the Cantonal Court in Travnik.

For about a month spent in the Kaonik camp in spring 1993, he was paid 200 KM per day spent in imprisonment, along with interest rate.

Pojskic, the president of the Association of Camp Prisoners from Zenica, said that this association launched the action of animating members to seek reimbursement in courts in 2008.

“Around 150 suits from members of the Zenica Association have been filed to court, and around 800 suits by former camp prisoners from the territory of Zenica-Doboj Canton. We expect this verdict and payment to accelerate these processes,” said Pojskic.

He assessed that no sum is adequate to what these people have gone through, but that it is a step towards the institutionalised resolution of the camp prisoners’ problems.

This post is also available in: Bosnian