Vlahovic: Evidence about Killed Civilians from Grbavica

6. July 2012.16:35
As it continues presenting material evidence against Veselin 'Batko' Vlahovic who is charged with crimes in Sarajevo, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina presents documents about the identification of killed civilians, whose bodies were found in the Miljevici grave on Mount Trebevic.

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Prosecutor Behaija Krnjic presented a few documents about a mass grave at Petrovacka krivina on Mount Trebevic without giving any further explanations. The documents included some photographs and an official note by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton dated September 17, 1999.

Also, the Prosecution introduced evidence about the exhumations and identification of killed persons, including Husnija Cerimagic, Goran Cengic, Kemal Nuhanovic, Josip and Zeljko Antolic, Fadil Poricanin, Haris Muderizovic and members of the Balvanovic family.

Evidence about the murder of the Golos and Koristovic family members at Vraca were introduced separately.

In addition, the Prosecutor presented a book of missing persons, which was issued by the Red Cross on January 5, 2009. The book contains the names of civilians from Grbavica who have still not been found.

Vlahovic is charged with having committed murders, including the murders of the individuals whose remains were later exhumed, as well as the rape, abuse, robbing, disappearances and other inhumane acts against Bosniak and Croat civilians in Grbavica, Vraca and Kovacici, Sarajevo in 1992.

The trial is due to continue on July 5, 2012, when the presentation of material evidence will continue.

Mirna Buljugić

This post is also available in: Bosnian