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Memic et al: Questions about a Man, who is not Indicted

5. June 2012.00:00
On the second day of witness Vahid Karavelic's testimony at the trial for crimes in Trusina, near Konjic, the Defence of indictee Nihad Bojadzic presents the witness with a number of documents, claiming that those documents prove that the "Zulfikar" Squad was not subordinate to the Main Command Headquarters of ABiH on April 12, 1993.

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Edina Residovic, Defence attorney of Bojadzic, explained that the “Zulfikar” Squad, whose members are on trial for crimes in Trusina, was transferred from the Main Command Headquarters to the First Corps and then to the newly-formed Sixth Corps in June 1993.

“That is theoretically correct. The papers show that. A commander should be informed about any organisational changes. I do not know whether Commander Hajrulahovic had such a document, but he should have received it,” said Karavelic, retired ABiH general.

In the first half of 1993 Karavelic was Deputy Commander of the First Corps, which was commanded by Mustafa Hajrulahovic, who died after the war.

According to the State Prosecution’s charges, on April 16, 1993, when the Trusina crime was committed, the “Zulfikar” Special Purposes Squad was subordinate to the Main Command Headquarters of ABiH, which was led by Sefer Halilovic at that time.

Prosecutor Vesna Budimir objected, saying that the documents presented by Defence attorney Residovic were irrelevant for determining the responsibility of Bojadzic and Zulfikar Alispago, who is charged in his capacity as Commander of the “Zulfikar” Squad.

“This is relevant for a man, who is not in the courtroom. An investigation is being conducted against him,” said Budimir. Residovic responded by saying that the Prosecutor too examined this witness about the same thing.

During his testimony at the last hearing Karavelic said that an order issued by the Main Command Headquarters on April 12, 1993 was contradictory, because the word “re-subordinated” and term “removal from a book of mobilisation development of the Main Command Headquarters of ABiH”, which were both used in the order, did not go together. As he said at that hearing, the “Zulfikar” Squad was not, de facto, part of the First Corps.

“The person, who received such an order, was obliged to request an explanation, because he could not act in accordance with that order,” said Karavelic, responding to the Trial Chamber’s questions.

Besides Bojadzic and Alispago, Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin, Nedzad Hodzic, former members of the “Zulfikar” Squad, and Senad Hakalovic, former member of “Neretvica” 45th Brigade, are on trial for crimes committed in Trusina.

Indictee Alispago presented the witness with an authorisation issued by the Main Command Headquarters on April 18, 1993, appointing him Deputy Commander of the “Igman” Operational Group. Karavelic said that appointment to a new function did not mean that the person was exempt from his/her previous obligations, unless a decision was rendered to that effect.

The trial is due to continue on June 11, when a new State Prosecution witness will be examined.

This post is also available in: Bosnian