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Bastah: Motion for Renewal of Trial Dismissed

9. December 2011.00:00
The State Court has rejected a motion for renewal of trial in the case of Predrag Bastah, who was sentenced, under a second instance verdict, to 22 years in prison for crimes in Vlasenica.

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Bastah, former reserve policeman with the Public Safety Station in Vlasenica, requested the Court to renew his trial on the basis of “new facts, pieces of evidence and information, which could not be presented during the trial”. However, the Court rejected this motion.

The motion for renewal of trial was presented by Bastah’s Defence at a hearing on November 28, 2011 at a closed session because certain names that were mentioned.

In April 2011 the second instance verdict was pronounced, sentencing Bastah for having participated in the murder of civilians, unlawful detention, forcible disappearances and resettlement of the population.

The Criminal Proceedings Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina stipulates that, following the completion of a second instance trial, a new trial may be held in case it is proved that the verdict is based on a false document or statement, that the verdict was pronounced owing to a crime committed by the judge or the person who conducted the investigation and that new facts or pieces of evidence are presented.

Goran Viskovic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, was sentenced, under the same verdict as Bastah, to 18 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Vlasenica. D.Dz.

This post is also available in: Bosnian