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Dronjak: Presentation of Material Evidence

3. November 2011.00:00
At the trial for crimes in Drvar, the State Prosecution presents material evidence, referring, among other things, to the murders in Kamenica, which are charged upon indictee Ratko Dronjak..

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The presented pieces of evidence included an act issued by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, containing a list of dead people, whose bodies were exchanged.

“Here we have names of persons, who, as we consider, were killed in ‘Kamenica’ detention camp,” said State Prosecutor Dzemila Begovic.

Among other things, Prosecutor Begovic included a military record for soldier Fikret Begic as material evidence. The record indicates that the soldier went missing on November 8, 1994 and that his dead body was exchanged later on.

“We registered him as a person, who survived certain circumstances in ‘Kamenica’ detention camp,” the Prosecutor said.

A record for Remzo Muminovic, whose dead body was exchanged, was included in the case file. The same was done with a note on the circumstances under which Marijan Niksic was killed. Some of the Prosecution witnesses previously said that the two men were held in “Kamenica” detention camp.

Dronjak, former Manager of detention facilities in Drvar municipality, is charged with having participated in the setting up and maintainance of a punishment and abuse system in the “Slavko Rodic” school building and the “Kamenica” detention camp from May 1992 to the end of 1995.

The indictment alleges that civilians and prisoners of war, who were held in detention, were subjected to torture, beating, murder and inhumane treatment, while also being forced to perform hard labour on a daily basis.

Prosecutor Begovic handed over to the Trial Chamber a decision issued by the Cantonal Ministry for Veterans and Disabled Soldiers of the Homeland War from Bihac, pertaining to Kasim Durakovic. The mentioned document indicates that his disability rate is 50 percent. The Prosecutor said that Durakovic was held in “Kamenica” detention camp.

Following the presentation of the Prosecution’s evidence, Defence attorney Slobodan Peric spoke about the plan for presentation of evidence by the Defence of indictee Dronjak. He said that he would present material evidence and invite 24 witnesses and court experts to testify.

The trial is due to continue on November 24 this year, when the Prosecution will complete the presentation of material evidence.


This post is also available in: Bosnian