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Gajic: Possible Plea Bargain

17. May 2011.00:00
At a trial for war crimes committed in Bihac municipality, the Defense of Pavle Gajic announced its readiness to discuss a plea bargain with the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzergovina.

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The trial of Pavle Gajic, who is charged with crimes committed against prisoners of war in Bihac, began with the reading of the indictment and opening statements made by the Prosecution. The defense did not present opening statements, but expressed readiness to sign a plea deal.

“The prosecution has assembled thirteen witnesses and material proof to show that the accused committed crimes against prisoners of war in Sokolac,” said Prosecutor Dragan Corlija in his opening remarks.

The Defense announced their willingness to discuss a plea deal by saying they are trying to find an “alternative to these proceedings”, so that the accused can improve his health.

“As far as there is a possibility for an agreement, we will look into it. If there is a good will for this, it is the right time. Otherwise, we can continue with the witnesses at the next hearing,” said Prosecutor Corlija.

The Prosecution charges Gajic, a former member of the Orlovi Grmeca (Eagles of Grmec) of the Republika Srpske Army, VRS, with using a bayonet to kill a member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 24, 1994 in Sokolac, Bihac municipality.

The beginning of Gajic’s trial was postponed on several occasions for medical assessments to determine whether he was physically and mentally fit to stand trial.

“Another team of doctors and psychiatrists has examined the accused and said that after some therapy, he is doing better,” said Vesna Jesenkovic, Trial Chamber Chairwoman. The accused Gajic also told the Court he is feeling fine.

Gajic has been in custody since December of last year, when he was arrested in Ribnik village, near Kljuc.

The next hearing will take place on May 31.


This post is also available in: Bosnian