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Divjak to Be “Informed about Charges” Today

4. March 2011.00:00
Haris Hrle, ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria, tells BIRN-Justice Report that he spoke to a prosecutor and judge in Vienna and expects that retired Bosnian General Jovan Divjak will be “informed about the charges against him” today.

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“I spoke to the prosecutor and judge. We expect to see the final clarification of the charges today,” Hrle said, explaining that he could say no more at this point.

Jovan Divjak, a retired general with the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was arrested in Vienna on March 3 on an Interpol warrant issued by the Republic of Serbia.

Divjak, former Deputy Commander of the Territorial Defence, is linked to an attack on a Yugoslav People’s Army, JNA, convoy in Dobrovoljacka Street, Sarajevo on May 3, 1992, as the convoy was withdrawing from the city. Several soldiers were killed in the attack.

Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution is conducting an investigation into “the Dobrovoljacka” case. It requested the issuance of warrants against a certain number of Bosnian citizens on suspicion that they participated in that incident.

The War Crimes Prosecution of Serbia told BIRN-Justice Report that it could not say anything about the event at this stage, adding that additional pieces of information would be available later today.

Ejup Ganic, former member of the Presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was arrested in London in March last year on the same warrant. After holding several hearings, the British Court rejected Serbia’s requested for Ganic’s extradition, saying that the process was misused and the procedures were used for “political purposes”. M.H.

This post is also available in: Bosnian