Episode 10: War Victims Continue to Live in Fear

6. October 2010.00:00
The October issue of TV Justice magazine brings an overview of the most important trials held before the Court of BiH War Crimes Chamber in September.

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The name of Vaselin Vlahovic, known as Batko, still brings back trauma and fear or many victims that lived in Sarajevo neighborhoods of Grbavica and Vraca during the war. Find out why they refuse to share the horrors they have seen and experienced with the public.

The guest of this month’s edition is the Assistant Minister of Justice of BiH, Mustafa Bisic, who speaks about whether the country needs a penitentiary for high risk inmates.

In October, TV Justice interviewed people of Bosanski Samac about their opinion of war crimes trials held at the Court of BiH.

    This post is also available in: Bosnian