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Klickovic et al: Hearing Postponed

12. May 2009.00:00
After Gojko Klickovic's Defence attorneys fail to appear in court the trial for crimes committed in Bosanska Krupa is postponed.

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The trial of the three indictees charged with crimes committed in the Bosanska Krupa area has been postponed due to the absence of the two Defence attorneys of Gojko Klickovic. The Trial Chamber has announced that they may be fined because of their failure to appear.

“No Defence attorneys have come. The Chamber will ask them to provide a written explanation. After that we shall render a decision on an eventual fine,” Trial Chamber Chairman Zoran Bozic said.

Judge Bozic said he had learned “unofficially” that Dusko Tomic, chief defence attorney of Gojko Klickovic, was sick, while no information was obtained concerning Hamdija Veladzic, additional attorney.

Gojko Klickovic, Jovan Ostojic and Mladen Drljaca are charged with having participated in crimes against humanity in the Bosanska Krupa area in the course of 1992.

The three men are charged with participation in a joint criminal enterprise, which began in the summer of 1991, with the aim of creating a separate state of Bosnian Serbs from which most non-Serb residents would be permanently evicted.

Ostojic and Drljaca are defending themselves while at liberty, but certain prohibiting measures have been imposed against them. Klickovic is still under custody. The trial of the three men began in May 2008.

This post is also available in: Bosnian