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Kujundzic: Having fun with soldiers

10. December 2008.00:00
Two Defence witnesses of Predrag Kujundzic speak about protected witness 2, who accuses Kujundzic of having raped her.

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Defence witness Branko Josic, former inspector with the Criminal Service of the Military Police in Doboj, claims that, in late December 1992, Predrag Kujundzic brought person 2 to his office and said that she was “raped by military police members”. 

“Predrag was visibly angry and he told me about her problems. When I asked the woman who had raped her, she said that all military policemen had done it. She could not give me any further details, so I sent her out. When she went out, criminal technicians told me that they used to see this person having fun with soldiers, adding that she was with another soldier every night,” Josic said.

The State Prosecution charges Predrag Kujundzic, former commander of “Predini vukovi” (“Predo’s Wolves”) paramilitary unit, with crimes against humanity committed in Doboj municipality in 1992 and 1993. 

Under the same indictment Kujundzic is charged with having raped protected witness 2, who was a minor at that time. The indictment alleges that Kujundzic kept witness 2 in slavery from June to December 1992. He allegedly intimidated her by telling her that he would kill her mother and sister. He restricted her freedom of movement and let other soldiers, who were on the frontline, rape her. 

Ten days later Josic was ordered by his Brigade to go to Bukovacke Civcije village in order to “check if soldiers mistreat Muslim civilians in the village”. 

“I went to the village, where I met a few residents. They told me that they did not have any problems with soldiers, but with a female person, who brought soldiers to the village and walked around with them. When the residents brought me to her house, I saw two women there. I recognised one of them as the person who had been in my office,” Josic said.

Defence witness Milenko Bilic spoke about person 2, saying that he met her in October 1992. However, the public was excluded from his testimony in order to “protect person 2’s identity”.

Third Defence witness Vojo Naric, former policeman from Doboj, tried to provide Predrag Kujundzic with an alibi for July 19, 1992. As indicated by Naric, on that day they marked seven days since the death of Predrag’s brother Nenad. 

“I was in direct contact with Predrag. I remember that members of his unit attended the funeral. They were dressed in different uniforms than other policemen. When we marked seven days since his death, the ceremony lasted the entire day. There were many people there. I remember that he was there all the time, just like the members of Predo’s unit,” Naric said.

The indictment alleges that members of “Predini vukovi” Unit came to Percin disko detention camp on July 19, 1992 and exposed detainees to “torture and inhumane treatment, which lasted for several hours”.   

The trial is due to continue on December 11, 2008.

This post is also available in: Bosnian