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Kujundzic: Some other wolves

13. June 2008.00:00
A member of the Unit, led by Predrag Kujundzic in 1992, testifies as a Prosecution witness.

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Prosecution witness Zarko Gavric was member of the Unit, which was commanded by indictee Predrag Kujundzic, until August 1992.

Gavric said that “people” used to say that this was Predo’s Unit. When asked by the Prosecution and the Trial Chamber, he said that he heard that, “in some places,” this unit was called Predo’s Wolves. 

“But this would mean that I was a wolf too,” Gavric said.

The State Prosecution considers that Predrag Kujundzic was commander of the “Predini vukovi” (“Predo’s Wolves”) Unit, whose members committed a number of crimes in the Doboj area in 1992. They are charged, among other things, with having “occupied Bukovacke Civcije village” in June, attacked Grapska village in May and taken civilians to the “Precin Disco” detention center. 

The witness said he had known Kujundzic before the war. He identified him in the courtroom.

According to this witness, the indictee was “commander” of one section with the Military Police Unit of the First Ozren Brigade with the former Serbian Republic Army until May 1992. After that the Unit was attached to the civil police.

Testifying in the courtroom, Gavric said that a person named Zoran Devic took over the command of the Unit in the mentioned period, while Kujundzic used to come occasionally from then on. However, he could not confirm who was the deputy and who was the head. 

Prosecutor Bozidarka Dodik reminded the witness of his statement, given in the course of the investigation in 2007, when he said Kujundzic continued to be the superior officer. However, he could not give any specific answer in the courtroom. 

Gavric said members of this Unit participated in the military operation conducted in Grapska and Civcije. He said that some were wounded, but he did not provide any further details. He told the Court that he knew about the prisoners, who were held in the “Precin Disco” but he did not know who controlled the building. 

During cross-examination the witness said his Unit did not have any specific emblems. When asked by the Defence if he knew of any other units, which had emblems on their uniforms, Gavric said that he thought that a unit from Vucjak area, in the vicinity of Doboj had some emblems showing a wolf’s head. 

“Some had this emblem on their shoulders, I think. Some may have had it on their chest. I am not sure if there was any written text there as well,” Gavric said.

He also said that he knew Kujundzic was wounded in May and he visited him in the hospital. However, he could not say if he had to use crutches afterwards. 

In the winter of 1993 Predo’s Unit was dismissed. Gavric “heard” after that, that Kujundzic was “on sick leave at the coast and then he became director of a road assistance club.” 

The trial is due to continue on June 16.

This post is also available in: Bosnian