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Ljubicic detention plea

7. November 2006.00:00
The appeals council is considering the defence's objection to a court decision on detaining the indictee.

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Pasko Ljubicic’s defence team has appealed an October 19 decision to prolong his detention.

Ljubicic was given one month’s detention on September 22, immediately after his transfer from the Scheveningen unit in The Hague, so that the prosecution here could adjust the Hague indictment to local laws.

State prosecutor David Schwendiman needed more time to adjust the indictment, so another prolongation of detention was requested. This was approved on October 19, 2006. According to that decision, Ljubicic’s detention was prolonged until December 22.

However, the defence believes that the indictment will not be adjusted in that period either.

“My defendant has been detained since August 2, 2001, waiting for the beginning of the trial. He cannot be held responsible for this prolongation of detainment,” Branka Praljak, defence attorney, said.

However, prosecutor Schwendiman told the appellate council that he plans to go to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) tomorrow in order to collect the final documentation connected to this case.

“We also must contact some witnesses who testified before the ICTY five years ago,” Schwendiman explained.

Azra Miletic, chairwoman of the appellate council, said that the decision would be announced at a later date.

This post is also available in: Bosnian