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Novalic stays in custody

23. March 2006.00:00
The proposal of defense that first suspect for murder of soldier of Bosnian Army in Repovac is released from custody before the indictment is confirmed was rejected.

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Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rejected proposal of defence that suspect Mithat Novalic waits for indictment to be confirmed while free.

Lawyer Kadrija Kolic proposed that Court accept guarantee for his client, putting mortgage on property of Novalics father, which should be guarantee that when he is called, suspect will appear before the Court.

“If I didn’t have old and sick parents, and underage kids I would sign that you hold me here all my life”, said Novalic before Court of BiH.

According to indictment which is still unconfirmed, in regional road Repovci – Bradina on 12 July 1992 from ambush nine members of Bosnian Army were killed. After attackers opened fire on soldiers, each of them was shot in head, and some of them were cut parts of body.

Based on investigation, as one suspect is Novalic, who was member of the Croatian Defense Forces. He is suspected that he after the killing in Repovci was named deputy commander of sector and in 1993 with approval of HVO he left BiH and went to Germany.

He was arrested on 26 December last year in Konjic, on warrant of Court of BiH.

According to statements of prosecutor Vesna Tancica, in the past 13 years several times this event was investigated but never finished.

“We will discover why evidence was destroyed, why investigations didn’t give results, what happened. It is our duty and duty for families of killed”, said Tancica.

Prosecution, according to announcements, has 60 to 80 witnesses in this case.

Suspect Novalic claims that he hasn’t any connection with this case.

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This post is also available in: Bosnian