Person: Tadic Dusko

30. August 2012.
The Defence of Milun Kornjaca, who is charged with crimes committed in Cajnice, requests the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to terminate custody of the indictee and pronounce prohibiting measures against him, while the State Prosecution objects to the proposal.

14. June 2012.
Testifying at the trial of Milun Kornjaca for crimes in Cajnice, a State Prosecution witness says that the indictee “reacted furiously”, when he heard that about 30 civilians were killed in the hunters’ house.


12. June 2012.
Testifying in defence of Milorad Zivkovic at the trial for crimes in Cajnice, a witness says that he heard that reserve policemen were in charge of guarding captured Bosniak civilians, who were held in the hunters’ house at Mostina, Cajnice municipality.

3. April 2012.
The continuation of the trial of Milorad Zivkovic and Dusko Tadic, who are charged with crimes in Cajnice, has been postponed, because the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina failed to provide the Defence with statements of witnesses who were due to be examined at this hearing.