Person: Pantic Radomir


14. February 2017.
A witness told the trial of Brcko’s wartime president, Djordje Ristanic, that the defendant came to free a prisoner from a military barracks in the town in 1992. Testifying at the trial for crimes in Brcko, a witness said he heard Djordje Ristanic telling someone he had come to help him get out of the military barracks, where he was detained.


17. January 2017.
Testifying at the trial of five ex-policemen for the genocide of Bosniaks from Srebrenica, a prosecution witness said a Bosnian Serb soldier killed around ten men in a warehouse in Konjevic Polje in July 1995. Prosecution witness Rodoljub Milanovic told the state court in Sarajevo on Tuesday that a uniformed soldier shot the Bosniaks dead in Konjevic Polje on July 12, 1995.


6. September 2016.
Six former Bosnian Serb soldiers and military policemen were arrested on suspicion that they committed crimes against humanity against over 60 Bosniaks, including children, in the Milici municipality in 1992. The State Investigation and Protection Agency on Tuesday arrested Branko Jolovic, Milomir Milosevic, Nenad Vukotic, Nikola Losic, Dejan Milanovic and Radomir Pantic, all former soldiers or military policemen with the Bosnian Serb Army, on suspicion that they committed war crimes in the village of Zaklopaca in the Milici municipality in May 1992.