Person: Markovic Goran

20. May 2013.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the Court to quash its verdict under which Nedjo Ikonic and Goran Markovic were acquitted of charges for genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995, while the Defence of Dusko Jevic and Mendeljev Djuric call for revocation of the part of the verdict that sentenced them for that crime.


24. May 2012.
During the two years of the trial, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sought to prove that Dusko Jevic, Mendeljev Djuric, Goran Markovic and Nedjo Ikonic committed genocide by participating in the forcible resettlement of Bosniaks and the killing of more than 1,000 men in Kravica, while the Defence believes that they were conducting legitimate police operations.

24. April 2012.
Presenting their appeals against the first instance verdict, under which Ljubisa Vranjes and Mladen Milic were sentenced to ten years in prison each for crimes in Kotor-Varos, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce a longer imprisonment sentence against the indictees, while the Defence calls for a verdict of release.


28. February 2012.
At the trial of four people charged with the Srebrenica genocide, the witness said that the investigator working for the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, threatened her husband and demanded that he testifies.


30. January 2012.
At the trial of four men indicted of genocide in Srebrenica, a witness of the Defence said that second indictee Mendeljev Djuric, called Mane, was coming to Bijeljina after July 12, 1995. “I know that it was after St.


28. November 2011.
On the trial to four persons indicted of genocide in Srebrenica, a witness of The Prosecution Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that also one boy was captured during the search of the terrain in the vicinity of Konjevic Polje, and that he did not return after it was ordered that he should be taken away.