Person: Lubarda Dragan


29. March 2017.
Former reservist policemen Dragan Lubarda and Ozren Planojevic and Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Zdravko Lubarda were charged with committing crimes against humanity in the Rogatica area in 1992 and 1993. The Bosnian state court on Wednesday confirmed the indictment of Dragan Lubarda, Ozren Planojevic and Zdravko Lubarda for participating in a widespread and systematic attack on the Bosniak civilian population in the Rogatica area from late May 1992 until the end of 1993.


28. February 2017.
Two former reservist policemen and a Bosnian Serb Army ex-serviceman were charged with involvement in capturing and killing Bosniak civilians in the Rogatica area in 1992 and 1993. The Bosnian prosecution issued an indictment on Tuesday charging Dragan Lubarda and Ozren Planojevic, both former members of the reservist police force in Rogatica, and Zdravko Lubarda, a former Bosnian Serb Army soldier, with crimes against humanity.

10. March 2016.
Testifying at the trial of three Bosnian Serb fighters charged with crimes in Rogatica, a protected state prosecution witness said she was raped along with a protected witness known as S3 near a church house in June 1992. S3 was a minor at the time. The witness also said a protected witness known as N1 was raped on the same night.

24. December 2015.
Former Bosnian Serb fighters Milisav Ikonic, Dragan Lubarda and Zoran Ilic have been charged with multiple incidents of wartime rape in Rogatica. Their trial began today with a reading of the indictment and introductory statements by the state prosecution.