Person: Kreho Senad

13. December 2013.
Applying a decision by the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina reduces sentences against both Zoran and Goran Damjanovic by four and a half years. Goran Damjanovic is sentenced to six and a half years for war crimes against the civilian population, while his brother Zoran is sentenced to six years.

4. December 2013.
At the renewed trial against Goran and Zoran Damjanovic, who are charged with war crimes, the Defence teams call for verdicts of release or minimal sentences according to the former Yugoslav law in the event that they are found guilty. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for an imprisonment sentence.

29. November 2013.
As the trial for crimes in Sarajevo continues, State Prosecution witness Senad Kreho says that, upon his arrival to “Viktor Bubanj” military barracks on September 1, 1992, he saw about twenty prisoners, who were detained without a court decision.