Person: Kitic Ljubomir

27. February 2014.
At a status conference held due to a replacement of one member of the Trial Chamber sitting in the case for crimes committed in the Hadzici area, the parties agreed that witnesses, who have already been examined, will not be invited to appear before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, again.

29. November 2013.
As the trial for crimes in Sarajevo continues, State Prosecution witness Senad Kreho says that, upon his arrival to “Viktor Bubanj” military barracks on September 1, 1992, he saw about twenty prisoners, who were detained without a court decision.

10. September 2013.
Denying the Defence’s evidence, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina examines a military court expert who says that Serdari village was outside the combat activities zone, adding that neither Serb forces nor any organised defence existed in the village.