Person: Handanovic Rasema

8. March 2013.
After two and a half years, the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has completed the evidentiary hearing in the trial of six former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ABiH, who are charged with war crimes committed in Trusina near Konjic.

28. December 2011.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested from the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to remand in custody Rasema Handanovic, also known as Zolja [Wasp], suspected of crimes in Trusina in 1993, while the Defence proposed that the suspect be issued with restrictive measures.


3. February 2010.
Accepting the State Prosecution's motion, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina orders one-month custody of the suspect accused of crimes committed in Trusina village in Konjic municipality in April 1993. The custody order was made on the grounds that circumstances suggest that suspect Zulfikar Alispago might try to flee or that he might try to influence witnesses or accomplices if at liberty.