Person: Djuric Velemir

23. December 2013.
As the trial for crimes in Prijedor continues, Velemir Djuric’s Defence witness says that the indictee, he and other colleagues could leave an observation post in Benkovac, which was about 20 kilometres away from Prijedor, towards the end of July 1992.

18. November 2013.
Testifying in his defence about crimes in Prijedor, indictee Dragomir Soldat says that, on the day when crimes were committed in Carakovo village he drove his cousin to a bus station, as she was supposed to travel to Belgrade, adding that “nothing unusual happened in the village” the following day.

28. October 2013.
Testifying in defence of Dragomir Soldat at the trial for crimes in Carakovo village, near Prijedor, a witness says that the indictee drove her to a bus station in Prijedor so that she could travel to Belgrade.