City: Kalinovik


2. April 2019.

The first prosecution witness at the trial of Ramiz Drekovic, former commander of the Bosnian Army’s Fourth Corps, recalled how a schoolgirl was killed and other pupils wounded in an attack on a Serb-populated village in 1995. Mitar Sladoje, the former director of an elementary school in Kalinovik, told the trial of Ramiz Drekovic at the Bosnian state court on Tuesday that a schoolgirl was killed and five other pupils were wounded when a shell landed in the residential part of the village on June 3, 1995.


12. March 2019.

The former commander of the Bosnian Army’s Fourth Corps, Ramiz Drekovic, went on trial for committing a war crime by ordering artillery attacks on a Serb-populated village in the Konjic area in 1995. The trial of Ramiz Drekovic opened at the state court in Sarajevo on Tuesday, with the defendant accused of ordering artillery units of the Bosnian Army’s Fourth Corps to carry out non-selective attacks on Serb civilians in the village of Kalinovik in the Konjic municipality between May 21 and June 7, 1995.


5. December 2018.

Former Bosnian Army general Ramiz Drekovic was arrested in Sarajevo on suspicion of committing a war crime by ordering the ‘indiscrimate’ shelling of the Serb-majority town of Kalinovik in 1995.

State Investigation and Protection Agency officers arrested former general Ramiz Drekovic on Wednesday on suspicion of committing a war crime against civilians by ordering artillery attacks on the town of Kalinovik in 1995.

The state prosecutor’s office said it is suspected that Drekovic, as the commander of the Bosnian Army’s Fourth Corps, breached the provisions of the Geneva Conventions on the protection of civilians during wartime.

“The suspect is charged with issuing a direct, strictly confidential order to artillery units in the wider Konjic municipality area to carry out the indiscriminate shelling of the town of Kalinovik, inhabited by a population of Serb ethnicity, in the spring of 1995,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The Bosnian Army used heavy artillery to repeatedly shell Kalinovik on Drekovic’s orders in May and June 1995, the prosecution said.

“Due to the explosion of the shells, a child aged 15 was killed, and more children and adults were seriously or lightly wounded, and the shelling caused the large-scale destruction of property and buildings,” it added.

Drekovic will be interviewed at the prosecutor’s office, after which it will be decided whether or not he will be remanded in custody.


8. November 2017.

The Bosnian state prosecution charged former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Dalibor Krstovic with the rape and sexual abuse of a Bosniak woman in Kalinovik in 1992. The prosecution charged Krstanovic on Wednesday with committing crimes against humanity during a widespread and systematic attack on Bosniak civilians in Kalinovik.


28. April 2016.

Former military policeman jailed for role in murder of at least ten Bosniaks held in Ripac village in 1992.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has jailed Zeljko Stanarevic for 13 years for crimes against humanity in the Bihac area of northwest Bosnia.

The court found the former military policeman of the 15th Bihacka Brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army, VRS, guilty of participating in murders of at least ten Bosniak civilians who had been detained in Ripac, in the Hrgar area, in the summer of 1992.

According to the verdict, Stanarevic, in company with six other VRS members, came to a tractor workshop in the village of Ripac where the civilians had been detained between June 24 and the first half of July 1992. At least ten of the civilians were then singled out, tied up and transported by truck to Hrgar.

The verdict says Stanarevic personally killed at least three of the civilians and ordered the others to get off the truck and go to the Bezdana pit where other soldiers killed them.

The court determined that Stanarevic participated in throwing the bodies into the pit.

Trial chamber chair Mira Smajlovic said the chamber trusted the testimony of protected witness “S-1”.

“The defence tried to deny the credibility of witness S-1 but the Chamber did not accept it. The defendant himself said during his testimony that this witness had no reason to accuse him without foundation,” the court determined.

Smajlovic mentioned that defence witnesses had failed to confirm the defendant’s claim that he had not reached Hrgar but had got off the truck before to visit his parents.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina also pronounced verdicts for the killings committed in Kalinovik in August 1992.

It jailed the former member of the Bosnian Serb army, VRS, Novica Tripkovic, for eight years while acquitting Zoran Bjelica.

Tripkovic was found guilty of having killed three Bosniak civilians detained in the Miladin Radojevic school in Kalinovik.

The chamber determined that Tripkovic entered the school with a minor and another soldier and that they then assaulted the three detainees, one of whom died from the beating. They killed the other two with an automatic gun the following day.

Explaining the verdict, chamber chair Zeljka Marenic recalled that witness Enesa Hasanbegovic, wife of one of the men who were killed, recognized Tripkovic without any dilemma.

“She remembered his face very well,” Marenic noted, adding that by other witnesses, including guards and detainees, confirmed Hasanbegovic’s testimony.

Tripkovic was acquitted of having killed another civilian, Hasim Hatic. The chamber ruled that the prosecution had not been able to prove the charges against Bjelica.

“The witnesses were unable to confirm his presence in the incriminating period of time, which gave rise to suspicions among the chamber members,” Marenic said.

The parties have the right to appeal both verdicts with the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.