City: Buzim


11. November 2011.
Presenting his closing statement at the retrial of Suljo Karajic, who is charged with crimes in the Bihac area, the Defence attorney of the indictee calls on the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pronounce a lawful and fair verdict.


31. October 2011.
Presenting its closing statement at the retrial for crimes in the Bihac area, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina says that indictee Suljo Karajic is responsible for the crimes, calling on the Appellate Chamber to pronounce a sentence in accordance with the law, in other words, imprisonment longer than 18 years.


19. March 2010.
The Trial Chamber is due to pronounce a first instance verdict in the case of Suljo Karajic, a former member of the Fifth Corps with the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who is charged with crimes committed in the Bihac area, on Friday, April 9, 2010. "The background and character of the conflict with the National Defence of the Western Bosnia Autonomous Region led to a specific armed conflict.

5. November 2009.
The Defence of Suljo Karajic completes its presentation of evidence with the introduction of material evidence and the examination of a former member of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who speaks about the indictee's role in the war and about crimes committed in 1994 and 1995. Akif Celenka, testifying for the Defence of Suljo Karajic, said he had heard "many stories" about the indictee's participation in crimes committed in Bihac District, including the murder of Amir Karajic, known as Kolac, because "good news spread fast".


6. February 2009.
Suljo Karajic admits having beaten up protected witness D but denies all other counts contained in the indictment, which charges him with crimes committed in Velika Kladusa.