Case: Oric et al.


4. June 2018.
The acquittal of Naser Oric, the Bosnian Army’s former commander in Srebrenica, has been quashed and he will be retried for allegedly killing three Bosnian Serb prisoners of war in 1992. The appeals chamber of Bosnia’s state court has overturned the first-verdict acquitting Naser Oric and his subordinate Sabahudin Muhic and ordered a retrial, the prosecution confirmed to BIRN on Monday.

14. May 2014.
Appealing against a verdict for crimes in Srebrenik the Federal Prosecution requests the Court to sentence Hamed Salihovic and Azem Ahmic to more than one year in prison and confirm the four-year sentence against Nedzad Oric, while the Defence teams request the Court to quash the verdict.