Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier Jailed for Assaulting, Robbing Civilians

21. March 2022.11:59
The Federation Supreme Court upheld a verdict sentencing Bosnian Serb Army soldier Mile Kokot to two years and five months in prison for war crimes against civilians in Sanski Most in 1992.

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The Federation Supreme Court. Photo: BIRN BiH

The Supreme Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Federation entity on Monday confirmed a first-instance verdict convicting former Bosnian Serb soldier Mile Kokot of physically abusing and robbing civilians in Sanski Most and jailing him for two years and five months.

The first-instance verdict stated that, during an armed conflict between the Bosnian Serb Army and the Bosnian Army in the area, Kokot breached the provisions of the Geneva Conventions on the protection of civilians in time of war by treating them inhumanely, causing suffering and injuries, while also stealing their property.

The verdict said that in 1992, Kokot, who was accompanied by two other unidentified armed soldiers, went to a man called Rasim Bacic’s house in Sanski Most, where he was living with his wife and two children.

Kokot threatened them with weapons and insulted them, then told Bacic’s wife Vahida to give him golden jewellery worth around 15,000 Bosnian marks (around 7,675 euros), which she did.

At the same time in another room, one of the unidentified soldiers seriously physically abused Bacic while asking him for money, causing him to lose consciousness several times.

When Bacic, who had been severely beaten, handed over 10,000 Bosnian marks (around 5,115 euros), Kokot and the other unknown soldiers then threw him out of the window into his yard.

The initial verdict was handed down by the Bihac Cantonal Court, but the defence and prosecution appealed. The defence wanted a retrial or an acquittal, while the prosecution was seeking a higher sentence.

However, the Federation Supreme Court rejected both appeals and confirmed the first-instance verdict.

Amila Žunić

This post is also available in: Bosnian