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Bosnian Prosecution Awaits Austrian Evidence about Syria Suspect

16. March 2020.12:54
The Bosnian state prosecution requested an extension to the custody remand for Muharem Dunic, who is suspected fighting for Islamic State in Syria, because it is still waiting for evidence to arrive from Austria.

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The prosecution requested a three-month extension of terrorism suspect Muharem Dunic’s custody, saying it needed to gather further evidence.

Prosecutor Merisa Nurkic said that Dunic left for Syria from Austria, and that Austria has been asked to interview witnesses who had been in Syria with him and who have now been sent back to Austria.

Nurkic said the prosecution had also requested data from the United States, as well as an inspection of Dunic’s Facebook page and that of his wife.

The hearing was held in Dunic’s absence after he was removed from the courtroom because he did not want to stand up when addressing the chamber. He said the rule did not apply to him for religious reasons.

The defence objected to the proposed custody extension, arguing that the prosecution was having problems proving that its suspicions were grounded in fact.

Defence lawyer Senad Dupovac said that his client had been in Syria, but that was not a criminal offence. He also said that evidence about Dunic joining a militant group was questionable too.

Dupovac proposed that the custody measure for Dunic be replaced with a ban on leaving his place of residence in Jajce.

The lawyer also apologised for Dunic’s behaviour. He said that Dunic did not have the proper conditions to practice his religion at the detention facility in which he is being held.

He said that Dunic’s cellmate was a smoker who listened to “inappropriate” music, which distressed Dunic.

Dunic was deported from Syria to Bosnia and Herzegovina with a group of other suspected Islamic State fighters in December 2019.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian (Bosnian)