Female Bosnian Croat Ex-Fighter Charged With Murder

16. December 2016.12:42
Former Croatian Defence Council member Azra Basic was indicted for the alleged murder and torture of Serb prisoners in Derventa in northern Bosnia in 1992. The state prosecution on Friday charged Azra Basic with stabbing one Serb civilian to death with a knife and torturing and abusing other prisoners on several occasions, causing them serious physical and mental injuries.

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The alleged crimes were committed in the Yugoslav People’s Army building in Derventa in 1992.

Croatian-born Basic Basic was extradited from the United States to Bosnia and Herzegovina last month and she is currently in custody.

She had left Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war and settled in the US, eventually becoming a naturalised citizen.

But she was arrested in the state of Kentucky in 2011 and prosecuted for immigration fraud after allegedly giving false information about her role in the Bosnian war when she arrived in the US.

She insisted however that she took part only in ordinary military operations against Serb troops and did not commit any war crimes, according to the Kentucky Herald Leader newspaper, and said that she herself had been badly mistreated in a Serb prison camp.

After a long battle against extradition, she was deported to Sarajevo in November.

The indictment has been forwarded to the state court for confirmation.

Marija Taušan

This post is also available in: Bosnian